Envelope Studio 1.0 EN

The main program window consists of an address tree, where all your contacts are displayed in a tree structure for ease of orientation. You also may view the addresses in an alphabetically sorted list if you turn its displaying on. In main window you can use the tabs to switch between dialog for entering new addresses, editing addresses, viewing or quick printing (i.e. printing without storing in the database).
And here comes the news! The program supports exporting of the data to files in Microsoft Excel format and importing those files back as well. If you manage your contacts in Excel or another application that is able to export to .xls file, you can load them all to Envelope Studio within a few seconds.

Program environment

You may print on envelopes and labels of arbitrary dimensions. The program contains information on the most often used dimensions, however, it is very easy to add new ones, as these pictures illustrate.

Setting envelope dimensions
Setting label dimensions

Similarly to dimensions, you can also modify the styles in which the addresses are printed. You can choose font separately for name, address, city, etc. You can set the address alignment, print a logo or a return address. If you are printing on a label sheet, you are allowed to choose the first label to start printing at, which can be really useful if you have already used some of the labels.

Setting print styles

The accuracy of printing is very high thanks to printer calibration. For each printing medium (for each envelope or label dimensions) it is necessary to perform one calibration. Next time you only choose the required envelope dimensions and start printing. How easy and comfortable! Other features of the program involve the possibility to search addresses according to arbitrary criteria, mass print of search results on envelopes, labels or as a printout. And moreover, you can entertain yourself by playing some simple games that are included!

Price: 29 euro per license
The license is issued per particular computer. If you want to run the program on more computers, each of them must have a license assigned. The license is only a code that will unlock the shareware version, which can be downloaded from these pages.
What you get:     License number that can be used on two computers, right to use all patches and extensions in versions 1.xx